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March 01, 2022

Will A Home Security System Work In Albuquerque?

If you’re like most property owners, you want your home to be secure 24/7. but, do home security systems work in Albuquerque?

The easy answer: yes. But you need to pick the most robust components and services to find the most from home security. Not only will the alarms and sensors give wonderful security, the modern devices give a level of convenience and management you could not have thought about previously. By adding automation, video surveillance, and access through a phone app, you can have a secure home that’s truly accessible.

Let's stop for a moment and learn why a home security system from Secure24 Alarm Systems is the best idea for your home.

Necessary Home Security Needs

So you can ensure your Albuquerque home security system works to the best of its ability, you need these essential home security components:

  • Door and window sensors: You may find this surprising, but most thieves enter your house through the front door. The other two most frequent entry points are back doors and lower-level windows. For these reasons, door and window sensors are considered the foundation of your home security system. When the alarm is armed and your sensors are triggered, the loud, high-decibel alarm siren will go off and your 24/7 monitoring professionals will be notified.

  • Touchscreen command center: Don’t look for unresponsive pin pads, as state-of-the-art touchpads now manage your security devices. These hubs can also control your smart home components, cameras, and monitoring.

  • Mobile security app: The best home security allow you manage every part of your home security through your security app. Now if device senses something unusual, you can receive an instant notification to your mobile device. Also, disarm and arm your motion alarms anywhere, set smart door locks, lower the thermostat and more.

  • Home security yard signs and window decals: While there is no automation in an ADT sign or a window decal, these can warn a potential thief that your property is protected.

Can A Security System Actually Protect Your Property In Albuquerque?

While it may feel like an exaggeration to get sensors installed and set-up an app on a phone when you already have locks and live in a secure area, studies support the notion that an alarm system will help secure your home. For example, a report from Rutger University sees that many burglars will actively stay away from homes with an alarm system installed. They will then opt to break-into an easier home that looks unsecure.

That meshes with stats from the National Council For Home Safety and Security. Their research states that most burglarized houses don’t use a home security. In other words, they are 300% more likely to be vandalized than properties that have an alarm system. And while showing that your property has a system helps dissuade instructions, other components -- like smart locks and doorbell cameras -- can also make your house undesirable to intruders.

Of course, ADT home security can perform more than ring an alarm. Today you have some advanced components and services that make a security system energy efficient and safe.

round-the-clock Monitoring Is A Priemer Backup To Your Alarms

Does a home security system work in Albuquerque without 24-hour monitoring? Using a backup plan is always the winning bet and 24-hour monitoring from ADT experts can make certain the authorities arrive to the scene quicker after a tripped device.

Monitoring agents can secure your home all day long -- whether you are in the house or not. If you’re out and can’t hear an alarm, the monitoring agents notify you and the proper emergency service after a triggered event occurs. Even when you’re still at home, you can make sure family and pets are safe and accounted for.

Install Similar Monitored Protection For Fire, Flood, and Emergency Medical Assistance

When you order your home security system, you have the option to cover much more than security alarms. components like fire alarms, CO detectors, and flood alarms can be integrated into your overall home defense. If an emergency is sensed, your components will act just like your home security alarms. Then when the loud siren goes off, your 24/7 monitoring experts are notified, and an alert will be sent to your mobile device.

Or try a panic button, which can be easily attached to you or a family member through a neck pendant, wrist band, or shirt clip. If you have a fall incident or a medical risk, they can simply employ a two-finger button to contact your monitoring agent.

Get Safety, Responsiveness And Energy Efficiency With Home Automation

The best home automation alarms and cameras give you a tier of control and convenience you’ve never had before. They will make your house more efficient and intelligent. And when you connect home automation to your security system, they can also make your home much safer. For example:

  • Schedule your smart bulbs to make it seem that your home is inhabited when you’re gone.

  • Have your inside smart bulbs turn on as a outdoor camera sees suspicious motion.

  • Use geolocation to secure your locks, flip off your living room lights, and decrease the temperature when you leave the house.

  • Create customized scenes that can set your lighting levels, smart thermostat, sensors, and other equipment with a single hit of a button.

  • Or simply check up all your components and manage your devices with your phone.

Plus, think of the energy you’ll save through home automation, and you’ll realize how much you will want a smart home security system in Albuquerque. You can even direct your devices with your voice when you link your home security to your Echo or Google Home.

Keep A Watch On Your House With Smart Security Cameras

Security signage and proper lighting are wonderful intrusion disincentives, but video surveillance can take your protection to another level. The worst thing a thief wants is to be taped on a video feed as the clip might be leveraged against them in a police investigation. You can install outside, inside, and doorbell cameras, all which give you live feeds 24/7.

Do you want to investigate the commotion you heard outside? Would you like to greet the kids when they get home from school? Has a package you’ve been waiting for been delivered yet? All you need is to pull up the live feed from your home security app. You might also allow texts on your smartphone whenever a visitor comes on your porch or they sense unusual motion. If you choose, you can talk with who’s there with the two-way talk feature on the app.

How To Get A Home Security System In Albuquerque?

Are you looking for help to create a home security that works in Albuquerque? Our ADT experts will help you choose the best alarms, home automation, and video surveillance that can be incorporated into one affordable plan. Call directly at (505) 317-6311 or fill out the form below.